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May 03,2017

Shimla Manali Taxi Service

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The Enchanting City of Shimla: Important Places to Visit!

Among all the places that I have been so far, I believe the sheer beauty of Himachal Pradesh inspires me. Having traveled far and beyond to most of the beautiful places of North India, I feel a deeper connection with Himachal Pradesh, resting peacefully in the lap of Himalayas. As a perfect natural picture, Himachal Pradesh smiles as the day wakes and calmly retires when the sun sets, giving immense pleasure and happiness to every traveler.

Though Himachal is gifted with the best glimpses of nature; a few places need special mention as they are perfect for summer holidays. Shimla, the capital city, is an enchanting city that extends its charm and sophistication to every traveler. Better known as the ‘Summer Capital of British India,’ Shimla offers a perfect blend of old and new. The city proudly flaunts its ancient heritage along with the modern development in forms of mushrooming malls, buildings, monuments etc.

You can experience the different hues of nature at Shimla by soaking up into the mood of the city. The surrounding pine forests, snow-clad mountain peaks, river beds, mesmerizing meadows, orchards and fruit gardens; Shimla surely has vividness in its air. That is why, people across the globe are coming here and having a great time with their buddies.

As a ‘Queen of Hills,’ Shimla is a picturesque hill station that offers a combination of unique diversity and unexplored natural scenery. With the restrictions of vehicles in its ridge area, people enjoy clean and fresh air while rejoicing their time walking around the nearby markets and shopping places. Draped in the awe-strucking beauty of nature, Shimla usually gets snow-laden during winter months. Being a favored tourist destination, Shimla is highly regarded for its surrounding lush greenery and accolades bestowed by the British Raj. Till today, tourists can witness many proofs of Victorian architecture from yesteryears. Stunning and magnificent, these works of art attract hundreds of people to Shimla.

Shimla is also known as a favored honeymoon destination mainly because of its proximity to forests, Himalayan foothills and fruit orchards. With a number of heart-taking scenes, interesting locations, pleasant environment and engaging fun activities, Shimla has many things for couples looking for a great time throughout the year while enjoying the warm hospitality of local people. Either choose a luxurious resort or hotel or make your arrangement in the budget hotel or in a homestay, Shimla offers everything to accentuate your inner spirit. Shopping lovers can check out many souvenir shops for buying incredible presents for loved ones back at home or get authentic hand-woven shawls, caps, jackets etc. from factories located Shimla. You can also witness the process of making authentic woolen wears that keep you warm during winter months.

Places to Visit in Shimla

Viceregal Lodge

It is a very famous heritage site situated on the Observatory Hills. Better known as Rashtrapati Niwas, the place was popular as the summer residence of the British Viceroys in the past.


Naldehra is one of the most popular places located in the close vicinity of Shimla. The place has a nine-hole golf course, surrounded by the pine trees. It is also a known picnic spots that attracts many people throughout the year.


Kufri is situated just 19 kms away from Shimla and known for its Himlayan wildlife zoo that houses rare species such as antelopes, birds and lot more. Visitors can choose to stay at luxurious hotels and resort here and enjoy the hospitality for a relaxed time.

Summer Hill

Walk lovers can get the chance to enjoy a casual and calm walk in quiet surroundings of the site near Shimla-Kalka railway line. Where else you can submerge into the beauty of the nature while enjoying a lazy walk with your companion?

Tatta Pani

Tatta Pani which means ‘Hot Water’ in English is a collection of hot water springs, located on the banks of Satluj River. According to local belief, taking a bath in the hot water can do wonders for your skin. Why not to give it a try and enjoy your bath?

Shimla is definitely a treat for all travelers seeking a great time with loved ones. If you are looking for a cool location for your upcoming holidays then you must rush in to book your tickets now. Hire government verified and economical Himachal taxi service and rest assured to enjoy a stress-free time exploring the breath and corners of Shimla in your own style!

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